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Flexible spending that is tailored to your lifestyle

Each card is set up differently for each member. You will have daily spending limits for both ATM and POS. 

If you find that your card is not working correctly, it could be that you have exceeded your daily spending limit. Please call us so we can help you resolve this issue. 

Questions or need help with your debit card? Call us for support or toll-free to one of the numbers below:

  • Card Activation: 1-866-985-2273
  • Change of PIN: 1-866-985-2273 (listen all the way through prompts)
  • Lost / Stolen Card:  Regular Hours: 701-223-6533   After Hours: 1-800-535-8440
  • Transaction Disputes (if you think there are fraudulent transactions on your card): Regular Hours: 701-223-6533   After Hours: 1-888-846-6804