Loan FAQs

We've created a list of commonly asked questions.

Can't find your answer? Give us a call and we would be happy to assist you. 

How do I find out the amount I qualify for on a loan?

In order for us to make a decision on an amount you qualify for, we need to have you complete a loan application. Either stop in one of our locations and fill out a loan application, or complete and submit an application online.

Do you offer title loans?

Yes. You will need to complete a loan application to begin the process. It is helpful to bring the title with you when applying for the loan. 

Do you offer high risk personal loans?

We offer secured and unsecured personal loans depending on the applicant’s information and credit score.  If the individual(s) have had some past due credit, the credit score will reflect that and while the loan may still be approvable, the interest rate charged may be higher than applicant(s) with high credit scores.

Do you offer extended warranties on auto repairs and how much?

We do, through Intercontinental Warranty.  Please call our consumer loan officer at 223-6533 as each vehicle has a different premium based on options, mileage, year and what term extended warranty you are interested in.

Is there such thing as a guaranteed loan?

Yes, a Share Secured (using your Savings as collateral) Loan is a guaranteed loan.  You can borrow dollar for dollar what you have in your savings account, however, while you have the loan-your savings must remain on deposit.  This is a great way to begin building credit.

Does Vue offer home equity loans?

Yes, and the loan can be used for any purpose. More information can be found under our Mortgage page.