Move to Vue - Where Members Matter

Moving your accounts is as easy as 1. 2. 3.

1. Fill out application

Fill out and print the membership application form below.

2. Drop off your identification

Drop it off at one of our branches along with your Social Security card and one other form of id (ex. Driver’s license).

3. Fill out forms

Transfer withdrawals, direct deposits, & close your accounts with these forms.

What’s the difference between a bank and VUE Community Credit Union?

Vue is like a bank, but isn't a bank. A bank is owned by a person, persons or stockholders and are largely for-profit entities. Vue Community Credit Union is a nonprofit organization that is owned by the membership, namely the people who hold accounts. At Vue, you are a member/owner.

What does that mean for me?

  • Better rates. We keep costs low and those savings are passed on to you in the form of lower rates.
  • Lower fees. Fees are lower on everyday financial transactions like checking fees, non-sufficient funds fees, etc.
  • Fewer restrictions. If you find that you are rejected for a loan at a local bank, check with a credit union. They work harder to get members the loans that they need.
  • High level of customer service. We view our account-holders as members/owners, not customers.

We're here to help. Fill out the form below and we'll help you make the switch.



Walk-ins are welcome. Visit our Bismarck locations

Main Location - 818 East Main Ave. Bismarck

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North Location - 1655 North Grandview Lane, Bismarck

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